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Leading by the talented chef Hiromi Yamada, the brand Basta Hiro was established and Japan is that the initial destination within the journey to bring fusion cuisine closer to diners and popularize round the world. Basta Hiro is like an "explosion" of Italian cuisine in Japan because of the accomplishment and reputation of the legendary chef, who brings the natural flavor of Mediterranean culinary roots skillfully mixed with local Japanese ingredients, in a cutting-edge Eurasian space, permitting diners to completely find out the essence of the best 2 fine culinary patterns withinside the East and the West.


Basta Hiro is the crystallization of the adventure of Italian delicacies in Tokyo, and Japan is the primary stop in the journey to deliver fusion delicacies towards not only Japanese people but also acrossing the world. Basta Hiro has been present in Vietnam and continues to bring this cuisine to Vietnamese diners. The dishes are prepared in both traditional and modern style by the Japanese chef

himself at the restaurant.